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Vegan Pastry Chef

Originally from Sydney (Australia), Richard obtained a visa for France with the dream of learning from the greatest Pastry Chefs. He quickly settled in Lyon and found a job with Jérôme Languillier’s team (World Champion, 2009).

With this experience, he developed his skills and put them to good use in various patisseries in the Lyon region. He then joined l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Pâtisserie as a teacher that allowed Richard to deepen his knowledge of all aspects of the profession: chocolate making (artistic pieces, candies and chocolate montage), art sugar (pulled sugar, poured, soufflé, pastillage), confectionery, desserts, pies, etc…

Richard specialised in teaching international students, and chose a pedagogy focussed on learning and mastering technical skills and knowledge, requiring rigor and perseverance.

After a period of professional consolidation, Richard found a new challenge in Casablanca (Morocco) where he was employed to develop products suitable for an investor opening a gluten-free pastry shop allowing him to discover a whole new aspect of his profession: allergen-free baking and vegan pastry.

Now living in France again, he defines his daily life in three words: research, travel and family. Time is now spent in his laboratory where he continually develops and refines an ever-increasing variety of creations, with family on hand to test and critique his current recipes. As well as the research process, he travels abroad for pastry masterclasses, allowing him to share and transmit his passion, passing his skills on to enthusiastic students.

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