How to become a Gold Whisk member

The more you come to TheTasteLab, the more gold points you earn! For any day spent in TheTasteLab you add •200 GOLD POINTS• to your account*. 

You automatically become a Gold Whisk member and join the Gold Whisk Club once you have earned 1,800 GOLD POINTS.

Number of points required to access the membership



*gold points are only applicable to charged Pastry workshops and training courses. For example, you earn 200 gold points when you attend a 1-day pastry hands-on workshop and 600 gold points when you attend a 3-day pastry hands-on training course. 

Being part of the Gold Whisk Club will be reassessed annually, when the next year calendar events will be released. If you have earned less than 1,200 gold points during the year, we reserve the right to remove you from the Gold Whisk members list.  


Once you become a Gold Whisk member, you have access to various benefits:

Welcome package

When you become a Gold Whisk member, you will receive a welcome package with fantastic, exclusive goodies as well as recipes and product samples.

Priority booking

You will have the privilege of being the first to book TheTasteLab training courses, workshops and demonstrations. You will have access to our calendar of events before anyone else so you will have a better chance of being able to attend our most popular events.

Exclusive events

As a Gold Whisk member, your name will automatically be put on the VIP list for TheTasteLab exclusive events.

Gold offer

As a valued member, we reward your loyalty and you will have access to our gold offer throughout 2020. Don’t forget to give your membership number when you sign up for an event!

Earn 1,500 gold points by booking any 2020 event and get 20% off your next training course or attend a 1-day hands-on workshop for free. 


Gold Book

You will receive TheTasteLab Gold Book, a recipe book with amazing recipes from the best chefs invited to share their knowledge at TheTasteLab throughout the year.