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Roberto Geraci
The chef

Roberto Geraci started his career in Madrid, in the lab of the most famous gelato shop in the Spanish capital: La Heladeria Sienna. The experience, working alongside the "Maestro Pedrito" marked a period of intense learning before Roberto then became their production manager and in charge of purchasing for the shop. He then started working for the Spanish branch of a well-known Italian confectionery company, involved both in the sales side of the operation but principally as their technical demonstrator across the country before returning to Italy and a job working for a company producing ingredients for ice cream.

In May 2012, he opened the Gelato d'Autore shop in Rome, which soon became the reference parlor for lovers of quality gelato. It is here that he produces artisan gelato, with the best raw materials, the freshest fruit and the most genuine ingredients. 

In 2015, he started collaborating with Montebianco, where he joined the White Room.

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