Our chef
Denis Dramé MCA
Pastry Chef for TheTasteLab by
Classic Fine Foods London

Denis joined Classic Fine Foods to run TheTasteLab. He began his career at the City Bakery in New York. He has worked alongside Raymond Blanc and Benoit Blin at the iconic 2-star Michelin restaurant Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons and after a spell at Dainesfield House, Denis took on the role of Head Pastry Chef at Pennyhill Park.    

In addition to his day-to-day commitments, Denis regularly judges pastry competitions and he was awarded the Master of Culinary Arts. He is also the coach of Team United Kingdom for the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie. The team won the European Cup in 2022 and came 4th in the World Cup 2023. 

Interview with
Denis Dramé MCA
TheTasteLab by Classic Fine Foods was launched in May 2016, 1 year after his opening we wanted to know more about his Pastry Chef, Denis Drame MCA, who is at the heart of this amazing success!
You have been working for TheTasteLab for a year, could you please tell us why you wanted to join TheTasteLab by Classic Fine Foods London?
Joining the Tastelab for me was a great opportunity to work with a wider range of establishments and chefs from different backgrounds and be more involved in the UK pastry industry. With my new role I can share my experience, inspire the younger generation and work with leading chefs in our industry by sharing knowledge and skills.
How would you describe this past year for TheTasteLab and yourself?
It’s been a new journey… At first it was not easy to switch from the busy life of a kitchen to a state of the art kitchen where you have the time and the tools to set a benchmark for us chefs to perform at the highest level. Every day is different. We have seen more than 400 chefs coming through the doors for training, demos or meetings. It is a great feeling when the chefs leave TheTastelab with new ideas or have seen new products and techniques.
What is your favourite moment since you’ve been working for TheTasteLab?
I have a few highlights. It would be hard to pick one since every single course is unique. The ‘Luscious Garden Party’ Event was one of the best shows I’ve ever taken part in.
How would you describe your style of cooking?
I was classically trained in France but with my new position I have to be able to follow any trend so I can meet the chef’s needs and expectations.
Which of all the ingredients from Classic Fine Foods that you use in your courses is your favourite?
Valrhona 68% Nyangbo dark chocolate. With its high cocoa content, it has a well-defined taste yet is gentle on the palate. It is the perfect stand-alone product and it the ideal chocolate for making any all-chocolate dessert.
What do you think TheTasteLab is bringing to the UK market?
Expertise, support, professionalism, confidence in our brand, loyalty.